RIGAUD, Jacques; PARR, Remigius; WILKINSON, Robert

Londres [London], [1794-1816]


1 [s.d.] · [s.d.] · [t.r.]

The Representations of the most Considerable ACTIONS in the Siege of a Place. /

The Opening of the Trenches The Cavalry bring the Fascines near the place … Ammunition The Various Actions represented in these Prints are taken from one of the Sieges of Barcelona, Views of which Places are exhibited in them. [i.] · [i.] · [b.]

London, Printed for R. Wilkinson Nº 58, Cornhill. [i.] · [i.] · [b.]

J: Rigaud inv: [i.e.] · [i.iz.] · [b.l.]

Parr Sculp. [i.d.] · [i.d.] · [b.r.]


24 (20) x 42 cm


És la primera làmina de la sèrie descrita com a variant B dels núms. 189 a 194; reproduïda aquí com a exemple.


Es la primera lámina de la serie descrita como variante B de los núms. 189 a 194, reproducida aquí como ejemplo.


This is the first print of the series described as Variant B of nos. 189-194, reproduced here by way of example.