The new digital edition of the Atlas provides it with a universal dimension while enabling us to broaden it with various comments that place the engravings within the history of Barcelona and Catalonia.

The information is woven together, we can move through it following the traced and signposted routes as we stroll towards knowledge of the complex city.

However, it should be remembered that the iconographic Atlas is not a history treatise but a tool to be used by historians and other professors. And, at the same time, a family album.

We have established twelve series that unite the engravings according to an appropriate distribution of main themes, although they do not contain the entire «collection».

The name of each series perfectly defines and explains its content.

The same engraving may be found in two series. This occurs when the engraving covers two important and different facets. For example, engraving nº 140 is both a plan of the city and a military document related to a siege.

The religious prints and the commercial ones (book covers) have no cartographic worth. The make up a separate album that is both a homage to the city and to the splendid popular Catalonian imagery.

We recommend consulting the PDF «General introduction» via the INTRODUCTION page.